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1 on 1 Mentorship


Education is very important to Dr. Mahipat for many personal reasons.  She was born in a small village in Trinidad into a low-income family of 5 children.  Her parents could not read or write but they knew the value of education and encouraged their children to go to school and even more so to excel.  Dr. Mahipat and her siblings did not have all the items on their school supply list, and their textbooks were passed down, but they were grateful for whatever they had.  She moved to the United States when she was 23 and had no family in this country and had never left the comforts of her own village or country, until that day.  She noticed that people with better jobs, also had degrees and decided the way to a better life was through education.  She then realized her parents were on to something by encouraging them.  She worked two jobs while attending school full time.  Her immigration status did not allow her to get students loans or grants.  She could not afford books, so she spent hours in library and through many struggles she changed the outcome of her life.  After 11 years of living in this country she graduated from Chiropractic school and 3 years later she started her own practice.  Then she started two nonprofit organizations. One helps pets and pet owners and does animal rescue; the other helps homeless, low income families, disabled, elderly and children.  She was only able to accomplish these things by continuing her education and never giving up.  Since 2004 she has provided thousands of customized backpacks for disadvantaged children in low income communities.  The reason the backpacks are filled specifically for each grade is that she wants the children who are receiving these bags, to have every single item they need and to know someone cared enough to personally shop for all of their school supplies and wants them to succeed. She needs the children to know that where they come from does not have to determine where they will end up in life.  They are in control of writing their own pages in their books of life.  With the right tools like school supplies and a desire and willingness to learn, her hope is that they will realize education is the key to filling pages with own stories of success and happiness.  When they become adults, her desire is that they will be a blessing to other children by encouraging and helping them on their journeys.  Dr. Mahipat believes that the circle of success is not complete until you reach down and lift up someone to your level.


Our goal with our new mentorship program is to follow each child’s progress throughout a long-term period spanning several years.  Each child will be evaluated at their current education level and personal situation.  Based on the child’s individual needs they will be assigned to specific board members or volunteers for 1 on 1 mentorship.  We will focus specifically on education, which will include providing them with school supplies customized for their specific school and grade.  Our mentors will also be available to help the children with school projects and homework.  Each child’s progress will be measured, evaluated, and systematically tracked and recorded.  The data will then be used to assist in the successful mentorship of other children and to set future goals.  While education is our primary focus, we will have a network of counselors, social workers, and therapists that the children can be referred to based on their needs and parent or guardian’s consent.  It is our hope and objective to cover all the needs for a child to become successful.



Every year HOPE provides backpacks filled with school supplies for children in local homeless shelters as well as children in needy families.



Every year HOPE provides toys for children in local homeless shelters and in needy families.  We also provide two weeks' worth of groceries and a complete holiday dinner for needy families in the Baltimore area.



One to two times per month HOPE provides healthy and nutritional bagged meals for the unsheltered homeless population in downtown Baltimore.  We also provide them with toiletries such as deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, etc.



Volunteers for HOPE visit nursing homes to spend time with the elderly.  We bring them food and also provide them with hats, scarves, and gloves for the winter.



HOPE will be conducting research on how childhood development is effected by circumstances such as environmental disasters, opioid crisis, privately owned institutionalized homes, adoption, and immigration.  See details for our research programs in the links below.

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Board members of HOPE have made trips to visit orphanages in Mexico and in Trinidad and Tobago.  We bring toys for the children as well as vitamins and educational supplies.

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